Monday, July 30, 2007

identities inspired from n.richie and p.hilton characters
(online game and mobile phone command)

aliens rabbits

Thursday, July 26, 2007

here is my book link, where you can see the most part of my actual work on. It's always work in progress, so I will change and update it as often as i will can...Please, don't use any of my work whitout my permission. And don't be afraid to come back some times! I'm actually searching for a job, but i will as soon as possible. :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter Game, work EA_06! ^^

ci dessous une petite video qui presente un peu les coulisses d'EA games et plus particulièrement ceux de l'équipe d'Harry Potter, Kelvin Tuite était mon manager l'été dernier. C'est vraiment un bon souvenir d'y avoir travaillé, j'ai beaucoup appris et surtout sur moi même. Je sais vraiment ce qui m'interesse comme voie à present: le concept design pour l'anime, le cinema ( realiste) et le jeux ( plus libre)! Et puis bien sur il y a toujours l'anime 3D, quoique présentant beaucoup plus de défis dans le domaine du jeux ( riggs+ légers, dépendance constante du choix du joueur, ect..) j'espère que vous apprecierez le jeux comme j'ai apprécié travailler dessus..:) bises
below, a little movie. let me invite you to discover EA games Harry Potter team, and my internship manager; Klevin Tuite! He was my manager during my internship, in summer 06. It was such intersting to work in this team..i have learned in all domains, not just in concept art. It was definitly important for me like experience, because now i'm able to chose better my own way, where i want improve my skills well as possible, in concept design, for movies and games. But i still like animate 3D! I hope you will like the game as i liked to work on..even if it was just for two months! :) take care

you have some tests video at the bottom of the page, to see what the game looks like..

here are some propositions I've done for the "portable swamps box". In the book, it was another invention from the Weasley brothers. The concept is very simple: you take it and throw it somewhere who could be very ennoying for everybody would like to use the area, like a corridor for exemple, a class or a frequently place. But just after, you have to run because even if it's just to laugh, you may have some good surprises insides..^^ below, wildlife of swamps, environment, box opening concept propositions..take care, it's funny but dangerous!

Sunday, July 08, 2007