Thursday, July 26, 2007

here is my book link, where you can see the most part of my actual work on. It's always work in progress, so I will change and update it as often as i will can...Please, don't use any of my work whitout my permission. And don't be afraid to come back some times! I'm actually searching for a job, but i will as soon as possible. :)


sylv1K said...

grosse claque!!bravo c'est vraiment excellent..bonne continuation pour la suite

Viola Baier said...

Hi Agnes. Sorry for responding so late, I wasn't at home the last days. First of all, thank you so much for your comments on my blog. I'm really soooo happy, because I'm a big admirer of your art! Wonderful! And I just read, that you're 22 and you already finished your studies? Wow, that's an age for starting in the animation business. I have to study at least 3 years more, but I want to make an exchange year to Goeblins, if my skills will be sufficient then.
So I'm not yet looking for a job, but I think you'll get incredible offers with your skills and your graduation at gobelins.
I won't put my film online, cause I want to send it to several festivals. I didn't find out your E-Mail adress. If you want to write me your E-mail adress and I'll send it to you in private in Internet quality.
Best regards and again big thumbs up for your work!


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